HUB26 Logo HUB26 is more of a family than anything else. Started by a couple, Emanuel & Oreppa Feruzi, HUB26 was established as small company that would operate community ICT centers with the aim of introducing ICT to learners in lower education to let them also take advantage of ICT. This dream is yet to be realized, but it is still at the core of our existence, and we are still optimistic that we will achieve that some day.

It being a family centred business we’d like to venture into early childhood education; how we can take advantage of ICT in that context and get kids to see ICT as a tool they can use for education.

   HUB26 the meaning is hidden in our Birthdays

HUB26 Logo So Oreppa and I were travelling from Moshi to Dar Es Salaam, a +600km roadtrip we seriously needed something to keep our minds off the long journey. So started brainstorming a name for this new company we wanted to establish. There was one thing we were sure of, we wanted it to be personal, to both of us. While discussing things we had in common, we soon realized that both our birthdays fell on the 26th, and with that we had found the first part of the name. And here are other names that we thought about but found that some other company had beaten us to it or the name did not make much sense, so we discarded them:- IT26, PORT26 and JUNCTION26.     Emanuel Feruzi