At some point life was simple. Advancement in knowledge suddenly wants to complicate things, even life itself. On top of that, technology also adds to that complexity. Is it really necessary for life to be this complex, and at all levels?

Not really, life does not have to be this complex, at least not at all levels.

At HUB26, we try our level best to make life simple in one way or another. We want to see simple ideas coming to life. We want to see knowledge shared in a manner that facilitates true and easy learning. We want to assist others generate simple ideas. In doing this, we hope to, in some way, simplify someone’s life, even in the smallest of ways.

With you, simplifying life.

Our Simple Plan for Our Mission

HUB26 Logo Hans Hofmann once said, “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” In the world we live in today, everything seems to have taken the complex and advanced route. We have forgotten the old and simple way of life. Things do not have to be complex to be useful. And that is our mission as a company to make life simpler, by investing time and resources into developing simple but life changing ideas. We do that in three basic ways:- Hunting & Developing Ideas, Support Smaller Innovators and Training the Future.

Hunting & Developing Ideas

Most brilliant ideas have not yet been discovered . These ideas are still in the minds, of the old and young, waiting to be realized. It is our mission to hunt for these ideas, in one way or another, and attempt to develop them. We will entertain any idea, on the condition that it firstly has the potential to improve the quality of life for its targeted users.

Support Smaller Innovators

Being an innovator is a little more than just having the idea, deep thought is usually the starting point. Most innovators never get to the lime light due to a lack of support. Support could come in many forms:- mentoring, training, managerial, financial, ect. As a company we will work hard to support young innovators where we can, and if we cannot help them, then we will point them to the right direction.

At times all an innovator needs is someone to say, give it a go, I am with you. HUB26 want to be the group of people that say, "€œ..., I am with you".

Train the Future

As the rest of the world is quickly moving into the digital age, only as small percentage of Tanzanians have access to computers. It has been said that the best software engineers, system administrators, graphics designers … have not yet been discovered, this is because no one has put a keyboard, a mouse and a screen in front of them. Our mission is to try our very best to share our resources with as many people as possible especially the young ones.